The first Church in Christianity

Welcome to the courtyard of St. Mark’s Convent. You are now in the house of Mary, the mother of John, who was called Marcus. This place, known as the house of St. Mark became famous because Jesus Christ had chosen it for the Last Supper. Christ asked St. Mark to carry a jug of water to the place as a sign of recognition for His Disciples, and so appoint the time for the Last Supper through him (Mk 14:12-16). In addition to that, /st.Mark became one of the seventy disciples and was the author of the second Gospel in the New Testament on the life of Jesus Christ

Here Jesus Christ celebrated (completed) the Last Supper with His Holy disciples, and so concluded the Jewish Pesach, then He washed their feet and established the Christian Pesach by giving them His Sacred Body and Blood

On the 50th day, the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples and all followers, men and women, of Jesus Christ in the same place

You are now standing in the first Christian church chosen by the Holy Apostles after the Ascension of Jesus Christ and the coming down of the Holy Spirit upon them. that was the time when they baptized one another and the Virgin Mary as mentioned in the tradition of our Syrian Orthodox Church

It’s a blessing to be in this place where Jesus Christ lived with His Mother and the Holy Apostles for some time specially in the period between Holy Thursday and the Day of His Ascension to Heaven

The Apostles continued to live here for many more years. As one soul, they would assemble in the lower chamber adjoining the Church with the believers to pray. They all lived sharing together their brotherly love and  social and spiritual enlightenment

When you touch any stone or wall with your hands, you are spiritually getting in touch with God Almighty

You would received His blessing and Heavenly Glory because Our Lord Jesus Christhas touch the same walls with His Holy Hands

Together with His Apostles and the Fathers of the Church, he has imprinted the wall with His Holy Spirit through His prayers in the First Apostolic Era

Thus, you spiritually revive the life, works, experiences and testimonies of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch (Patriarchs, Bishops and Fathers) fro two thousand yearss ago up till the present day

In this place you will witness a vivid and true faith and a pure doctrine, as well as the honorable tradition of the Syrian Church that is carried trough with all honesty from generation to generation

When you participate in the prayers inside the Convent of St. Mark or enjoy the rhythmic tunes and behold the Syrian Liturgy you will be listening to the Syrian Aramaic Language, the language spoken by Jesus Christ and His Apostles

You can listen to these inspiring tunes composed b our Church Ancestors throughout the years, the most eminent among whom were St. Ephreim the Syrian (373 A.D) t. Jacob of Srouj (521 A.D), St. Balay, the Bishop of Balsh (432 A.D), Deacon Shimon al-Fakhary and his friends (514 A.D) and St.Jacob of Edessa (708 A.D)

Inside the Church of st. mark, above the Baptism Basin is placed a precious and priceless icon of the Virgin Mary painted during her life time by St. Luke the Evangelist, the author of the third Gospel on the life of Jesus Christ and His Deeds and Miracles. This Ancient icon dates to 50 AD

St. Mark Convent was the palace of residence of St. James, Jesus Christ’s Brother, the First Bishop of Jerusalem who is succeeded by Syrian Archbishops up to this day. At present, Archbishop Mar Sewerios Malki Murad is the 126st Archbishop of Jerusalem